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This page is an easy reference to common queries about Second Life limits — just as the physical world has certain rules & restrictions, Second Life does too. Some of these will almost definitely change over time, so if you spot something incorrect/outdated, please take a moment to update it.


  • Max. prim dimensions (non-megaprim) - 10x10x10 m
  • Min. prim dimensions - 0.01x0.01x0.01 m
  • Max. # of prims in a linkset - 255
  • Max. link distance - See Linkability Rules.
  • Max. # of prims in a physical object - 32
    • If you try to link more, it'll either say "Can't enable physics for objects with more than 32 primitives" or "Object has too many primitives -- its dynamics have been disabled.".
  • Max. build height - 4,096 m (SL 1.20.x or later required)


  • Mainland region max # of agents - 40


  • Max. # of attachment points - 30 for avatar, 8 for HUD.
    • They can be viewed in Edit menu > Detach Object.
  • Max. unassisted fly height - Stable hover almost 150 m above the ground (terrain mesh).
    • While an improvement over the previous limit of 50 m, Torley thinks this limit is ridiculous because Second Life is 3D. You can easily acquire a flight attachment to fly up to seemingly infinite heights.
  • Common shoe sizes - Most women's shoes are designed for a size 0 (zero) foot. Men's generally scale up to 14. You can check this by going to Edit menu > Appearance and clicking on the Shape > Legs tab.

Chat (text)

  • Whisper distance (done via scripting objects) - 5 m
  • Chat distance - 20 m
  • Shout distance - 100 m
    • Good rule of thumb: when you're at default zoom (View menu > Reset View), if you can see another other person's nametag, they can see your chat. If they're far enough away that you don't see a nametag, they won't "hear" you unless you shout.
  • Max. length of a chat message - 1023 characters
    • The same holds true for an IM<->email replies.


  • Max. # of groups you can belong to - 25
    • Roles within groups are sort of like sub-groups. In many cases, you can use them instead of creating new groups.
  • Min. # of members in a group - 2
    • A group with only 1 person for 48 hours will be disbanded (cancelled).
  • Max. # of roles allowed in a group - 10 (including "Owners" and "Everyone", which can't be deleted)


  • Max. # of inventory items that can be sent in a folder - 42
    • Folders count as items too. This has more to do with packet size limits than cheeky Douglas Adams references. ;)


  • Max. parcel size - 65,536 m2
    • Covering a whole region, or square on the World Map.
  • Min. parcel size - 16 m2
  • Max. "NO ENTRY" ban line height - 768 m above the terrain mesh.
    • This is if you're explicitly banned from a parcel. If the parcel is simply not public access or restricted to certain Residents/a group, then the access lines go up to 50 m above the terrain mesh.
  • Max. prims in a region - 15,000 (3,750 prims for an Openspace region)
  • Terraforming limits - Almost all mainland can be raised/lowered by +/-4 m. Estate (private island) terraformability is settable to a max of +/-100 m by the estate owner or managers.
    • A few, very old regions like Da Boom have a terraform range of +/-40 m.
  • Max. water height - 100 m
    • Region water height is usually 20 m, and adjacent regions should have the same water height, or else they'll look discontinuous.
  • Misc. estate limits - You can have a max. of 10 estate managers, 500 allowed Residents, 63 allowed groups, and 500 banned Residents.
    • See World menu > Region/Estate > Estate tab.
  • Mainland max. # of agents - 40 avatars/region


  • Healthy Viewer FPS - Generally, FPS above 15 is good. The higher it gets, the smoother. You can check via Help menu > Lag Meter, or for more advanced usage, see View menu > Statistics Bar.
  • Avatar Rendering Cost scores - Learn all about it!


For specific scripting limits, lookup calls in the LSL Portal.