Linden Department of Public Works scrapbook

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Ground Broken on Bay City

It begins. With a greater width than the canals in the old city Regions, these should prove to be a bit more utilitarian, and serve to show off the amazing work done by the Windlight guys.

It begins.jpg

The Bay City Industrial Park

Squishy Mole visualized plans for the waterfront builds that will grace the northern void sims, and in the process gives Bluezilla a nice place to be all massive and threatening. Rawr!



Seeing roads laid down is exciting and brings a real sense of scale to the previously empty Regions. Smokey Mole builds up a storm, but really needs to quit that bad habit...need to get that mole on the patch.


Unique Builds Take Shape

Glamorous Mole brings some class to the city, with both fashion sense and with a super-deluxe theatre. Coming Soon!

Coming Soon.jpg

Mad Science - in Progress

La Mole's beautiful hand-made textures create a deep and moody atmosphere, just perfect for the likes of mad scientists and evil know the ones.

The Lab.jpg

Not Too Far

With so many waterways in Bay City, you won't get too far without a good bridge. Michael is currently working on these high quality spans to allow for safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles alike! (1.4 tonnes max)

It's a Draw.jpg