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Advertising can be an essential part of running a Second Life Business. However, advertisers must always take care to respect the rights and privacy of other Residents when they design their ad campaigns. Here are a few rules to help you understand what sort of advertising is acceptable in Second Life:

Adhere to the Community Standards

The Community Standards are a set of rules designed to make sure Residents treat each other with respect; most of these rules are simple common courtesy, but please take care to make sure your advertisement does not violate the sections of the Community Standards regarding harassment, indecency, or disturbing the peace.

Understand the Second Life Terms of Service

The Second Life Terms of Service are rules governing your use of Second Life; if you violate any of these rules, your account may be suspended or permanently banned. Pay special attention to Section 4: "Conduct by Users of Second Life". Section 4 covers Resident behavior in Second Life, and includes the Community Standards mentioned above.

Post in the appropriate channels

It can be tempting to post ads in the Events calendar, but it ultimately detracts from the usefulness of the Events listing. Instead, you might try posting in the designated Classifieds section for a small fee, or for free in the Classifieds section of the Second Life official forums! Many Resident-run forums and publications also welcome advertisers, but make sure to read their advertising rules and policies before you start posting.

For more information regarding our effort to keep the Events calendar clean, check out this blog post.

Keep it legal

You are legally responsible for your own actions in Second Life. However, due to the legally ambiguous state of virtual gambling, all Classifieds, Event listings, and land descriptions that advertise gambling will be removed without refund.

For more information regarding our decision on gambling advertisements, see this blog post.