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Use the Billing and L$ Issues ticket type to do any of the following:

  • Report problems with payment
    • To/from Linden Lab®
    • To/from other Residents
  • Request LindeX™ tier reviews
  • Ask for access to the RiskAPI (please keep in mind the RiskAPI's issuance is at Linden Lab's sole discretion and is not assured)
KBcaution.png Important: Many of the ticket choices explained below have additional fields that you need to fill in before submitting the ticket. If you supply us with as much relevant information as possible, we will be better able to help you.

If you have a Premium account or qualify for Concierge-level service, you can submit tickets for the following issues using the Billing and L$ Issues ticket type:

  • Real-world payment: Submit one of these if you're having trouble with a payment outside of Second Life®.
    • Bad charge: Let us know if you're seeing what seems to be an erroneous charge relating to one of the sources below:
      • Account fees: Your Second Life account.
      • Land fees: Inworld land holdings.
      • LindeX: Your LindeX activity.
      • Other: For inquiries related to erroneous-looking charges that don't fit the above categories.
    • Credit issue: Let us know if you're having trouble completing a transaction with your credit card.
      • Balance on account: Tell us if you're having problems settling the USD$ balance on your Second Life account.
      • Payout problem: Let us know if you're having problems with payouts to PayPal or Bank Wire.
    • Payment info has a problem: Tell us if you're having problems with your payment information at one of the following locations:
      • Paypal: On your PayPal account.
      • Credit card: With the credit card you registered with Second Life.
    • Wire Transfer Request: Submit one of these to request the information necessary to set up a wire transfer with Linden Lab's bank.
    • I have an issue regarding VAT charges: Submit one of these if you have an issue or question about VAT (Value-Added Tax).
      • I have a general VAT question: Ask us a general VAT-related question with this ticket.
      • I'm having VAT exemption problems: Let us know if you think you should be exempt from VAT charges, but are having problems verifying it.
      • I am being charged VAT but shouldn't be: Tell us if you're being charged VAT, but have valid reasons to believe you shouldn't be, or you're being charged the wrong amount of VAT.
    • Other: For inquiries related to payments outside of Second Life that don't fit the above categories.
  • Linden$: Submit one of these if you're having problems related to Linden Dollars (L$).
    • Transactions with Linden Lab: Let us know if you're having problems related to the following L$ transactions with Linden Lab:
      • Stipend: Your L$ stipend.
      • Referral bonus: Your L$ referral bonus.
      • Classified payment: A Classified payment.
    • Transactions with other Resident: Let us know if you're having problems related to L$ transactions with other Residents.
      • They didn't get the L$: Tell us if you paid L$ to another Resident who didn't receive them.
      • I didn't get the L$: Let us know if you were paid L$ by another Resident, but the L$ didn't arrive.
      • I didn't authorize a transaction: Tell us if you're seeing unauthorized transactions in your Second Life account.
      • I didn't get the object I paid for: Let us know if you paid L$ for an object that didn't arrive.
      • They didn't get the object they paid for: Tell us if you were paid L$ for an object, but the payor didn't receive it.
    • LindeX: Let us know if you're having problems with the LindeX.
  • LindeX Tier Review: Request a review of your billing and trading limits on the LindeX by submitting one of these tickets.
  • RiskAPI question: If you're a L$ exchange who would like to participate in our RiskAPI program, submit one of these tickets.

Click here to submit a ticket.