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Contacting billing support

See Billing Support for phone numbers to:

  • Report problems with payment
    • To/from Linden Lab®
    • To/from other Residents
  • Request LindeX™ tier reviews
  • Ask for access to the RiskAPI (please keep in mind the RiskAPI's issuance is at Linden Lab's sole discretion and is not assured).

Opening a support case for a billing issue

KBcaution.png Important: When filing a support case, please supply as much relevant information as possible, to better enable us to help you.

To open a support case for a billing issue, go to the Submit a Case page.

  1. Under What type of problem are you having?, choose Billing.
  2. Then select either
    • LindeX Billing and Trading Limits Review Request
    • Second Life and Marketplace Account balance Payout Issues

Fill in information describing your issue in the form fields then click Submit.

Premium accounts

If you have a premium account or qualify for Concierge-level service, you can submit tickets for additional types of billing issues. Select the description that best fits your problem, fill in additional information in the form, then click Submit.