Linden Lab Official:Can I rent a Region for a special event?

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Got a plan for a large event and need a temporary place to have it? Linden Lab offers temporary full Region rentals. Rental amounts are to be paid in full at the beginning of the rental period.


Rental Rate

Land rental rates are different depending on whether you want to rent Private Regions or space on the Mainland.

  • Private Regions can be rented at US$50 per region per day
  • Mainland Regions can be rented at L$4000 per region per day
KBnote.png Note:

Note: It is necessary to have a Premium account to rent Mainland Regions. Private Regions can be rented by any account type.

KBnote.png Note: Note: Events sponsored by or to the benefit of non-profit organizations will receive a discounted rate of L$3000 per Region per day.




  • Reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance, and are on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Residents must include a full description of the event when applying.
  • Minimal rental period is 3 days.
  • Residents are allowed to terraform the land, and do not incur tier fees for temporary ownership of the land.
  • Residents cannot transfer the land during the rental period.
  • The original state of the Regions will be saved immediately before the rental period. At the conclusion of the rental period, the Regions will be restored.


More Information

If you're interested in renting, please submit a Land and Region Issues ticket with the Region Request field set to Region Rental from our Support page.

Additional information you'll need to submit includes:

  • The number of Regions you want
  • Rental start and end dates
  • Whether or not you need to be able to terraform the Regions
  • A full description of your event