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What is the Second Life Destination Guide?

The Destination Guide section of and the Second Life® Viewer highlights some of the best inworld locations and Resident creations. For new and existing Residents alike, this is the place to go to explore and discover what's most exciting in the Second Life world. Categories featured include: Arts, Business, Education, How To, Hot Spots and Music.

Venues and content featured in the Destination Guide are not paid placements. Currently, the best way for a Resident to promote their venue, event or business is through inworld Search or the Classifieds.

How do you determine which venues and content to feature in Destination Guide?

Destination Guide is a place to show off some of the most interesting, entertaining, and novel Resident-created content. It is for existing Residents, but some entries will also be surfaced on the Web site for those Residents exploring for the first time. Linden Lab editors will be looking for content that we believe surfaces the best and most popular places within Second Life. We also welcome Resident suggestions for cool spots to feature.

Criteria favoring selection include:

  • Is the venue a high-quality implementation of the Second Life experience?
  • Does the venue appeal broadly to the Second Life community, including a new Resident that is still learning Second Life?
  • Is the venue exceptional or unique?
  • Is the venue being promoted outside Second Life and participating in the inSL logo program, if appropriate?
  • Does the venue have a real and active community of participants?
  • Does the suggestion submission include a compelling and visually interesting screenshot?

Criteria weighing against selection include:

  • Has the venue or one like it been included before?
  • Has the venue ever been warned for failure to comply with any aspect of the Terms of Service?
  • Is the venue currently violating the Terms of Service through use of bots, campers, illegal gambling or mainland Adult content?
  • Does the submitted screenshot contain promotion text over the main image?

How often will you update the listings?

Regularly. We want to keep the Destination Guide fresh so visitors will return frequently to discover new ways to explore Second Life.

Will there be other places for Residents to discover cool content beyond Destination Guide?

In addition to Destination Guide, Residents should use the Search function within the Second Life client. We encourage all venue owners to review the guidelines at the Search FAQ for information on maximizing your presence using inworld Search.

There are also numerous third-party blogs and applications that do an excellent job of guiding Residents to the hottest spots in Second Life.

Can Residents suggest their own venues for inclusion in the Destination Guide?

Yes! Linden Lab will soon be publishing a Destination Guide Suggestion page. We value community input and encourage Residents to suggest their own venues.

Until the Web-based form is live, Residents can e-mail our editors with their suggestions. For these submissions, please identify the following:

  • Venue title (limit: 40 characters)
  • Venue descriptions (limit: 400 characters)
  • SLurl link

You should also attach a screenshot of your venue or include a link to a hosted photo. For your image, please use .jpeg format with the dimensions 657 width by 394 height. Also, please avoid use of promotional text on the photo.

Residents will be limited to two suggestions per month. To be eligible for inclusion, suggested venues must comply with the Community Standards, Trademark Guidelines, and other provisions of the Terms of Service. The ultimate decision to include or not include any suggested venue or content in Destination Guide is Linden Lab's in its sole discretion.

For any content that is suggested, Residents must have the necessary rights and permissions to use and they must authorize Linden Lab to use the content. Residents should not suggest content that is copyrighted or otherwise subject to another party's proprietary rights (including privacy, publicity, trademark, and trade secret rights) unless they own the rights or have the permission of the rights owner. We do not permit intellectual property infringement and will remove content from our Web site and services if properly notified that the content infringes another's intellectual property rights.

Journalists, publishers, filmmakers, and others interested in Second Life often contact Linden Lab for images of Second Life. Linden Lab may direct these parties to the Destination Guide for promotional shots.

What recommendations do you have for taking quality screenshots in my submission suggestion?

Destination Guide aims to showcase the beauty and diversity of the Second Life experience. The quality and composition of your image will help convince Residents to visit your suggested inworld location. If you are unfamiliar with taking inworld photos, check out the following resources that offer tips and best practices:

Please note that the Destination Guide user suggestion form will only accept images that meet the exact criteria specified on the form. An image must be hosted on Flickr with the dimensions 657w x 394h in .jpg format.

How do we contact Linden Lab editors?

For questions or update requests to existing entries, please contact the Linden Lab editors via e-mail. Please note that we are not able to respond to all inquiries about individual submission suggestions. However, we do welcome all comments, feedback and suggestions.