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If you want to help the Lindens sort and solve the issues in the Public Issue Tracker, here are some activities you can participate in:

Marking Duplicates

If you notice a newer issue that is a duplicate of an existing issue with a lot more comments, patches, or votes, feel free to choose "Resolve" and choose "Duplicate". When you do this, please also choose "Link", and then choose "This issue duplicates" and enter the original issue's number. This lets everyone keep track of which bugs are duplicates, and which bugs are reported more than others. This ensures that bugs that are often reported get the most attention, and also allows the duplicates to be reviewed from one central location.

Resolving support issues

This task is best left to technically adept users who can spot the difference between a support issue and a bug -- It's not always a simple matter to figure out! You should at most "Resolve" a report that seems to be a support issue. "Resolving" an issue puts the responsibility back on the reporter to provide more information on why the report isn't a support issue, and is indeed a reproducible bug that an entire class of Residents experiences.

Resolving bugs that you can't reproduce

If you follow the issue's reproduction steps exactly, with the same environment, and can't reproduce the bug, you should resolve the bug. Be careful; if a bug is related to graphics rendering, and you do not have the same video card, you are not reproducing the same environment and you can't make this determination. Again, this is best left to technically adept Residents.

Reproducing bugs

This one is very important! If you can create a step-by-step list to reproduce the bug in a bug report, it helps us concentrate on bugs that can be verified and fixed. To reproduce a bug, do what the bug reporter said he was doing, write a detailed step-by-step list of things you did to cause the bug to happen, and add it to the bug. Such bugs with solid reproductions get higher priority in the development process, and help the Bug Triage Team work more efficiently.