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You can put your US dollar balance to work in several ways:

Pay For Second Life Expenses

When you pay your Premium membership fee, land use fees, Private Estate fees, buy Linden dollars or buy a Private Region, Linden Lab charges your US dollar balance. If your US dollar balance does not cover your expenses, we charge the remainder via your preferred payment method. If you make enough Linden dollars, you can sell them on the LindeX to increase your US dollar balance. Some Residents' Premium accounts pay for themselves!

Process Credit (Withdrawal)

You may choose to withdraw your US dollar balance via PayPal or bank wire.

KBnote.png Note: %%
  • PayPal will not permit payments to your country
  • You're expecting payment of $10,000 or more

For instructions on setting up wire transfer payments, see Instructions for setting up Process Credit payments through wire transfer. |}

Depending on which withdrawal option you choose, you may be subject to fees and minimum withdrawal amounts. For current information on Process Credit requests, check out the Process Credit page on the Second Life website. To view a full history of your Process Credit transactions, view the Process Credit History page.
KBcaution.png Important: You must be in full compliance with the Second Life Terms of Service to receive any payment through the credit payment process. This includes, without limitation, the requirement to have accurate and complete registration information, including verifiable billing information.

Buy Account Credit

You can add funds to your US dollar balance on the Buy Account Credit page. When using this feature, you must add at least US$25 at a time.