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A group contribution is an amount of land holdings you voluntarily move from your personal land use tier into the group's total allocation. Group contributions are included in the total amount of land that you own to determine your peak usage and land use.

When you donate land to a group, you often make a contribution to go with the land, so the group can pay for it. This amount remains dedicated to the group, even if the land donated with it is eventually sold or released, until you manually remove it.

KBwarning.png Warning: Warning: If you do not manage your group contributions carefully, you can accidentally double-bill yourself (or worse) for the same parcel of land!

Checking Group Contributions

  1. From within Second Life, open the World menu and choose My Land...
  2. The lower box shows each of your groups, and how many square meters you have contributed to each group.
  3. The Current Land Holdings box shows the sum of land you own plus group contributions.

Changing Group Contributions

  1. Select Edit > Groups...
  2. Click the group you wish to change and choose Info.
  3. Click the Land & L$ tab.
  4. Enter the new contribution you wish to make in the small box next to Your Contribution. To remove the contribution, set this number to 0.
  5. Click 'Apply' .
  6. Click OK in the Group Information window, and click Close in the Groups window.
  7. Open My Land... (see above) and verify that the group contribution has changed.

For more information on group-owned land, check out: How does group-owned land work?