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Stipends are paid out every week by an automated process that runs on Tuesdays. Payments are based on information gathered from the database as of the preceding Monday. For example:

  • Bob Avatar creates a Premium account on Monday, April 14. He receives his first stipend on Tuesday, April 15.
  • Ekaterina Avatar creates a Premium account on Tuesday, April 15. She receives her first stipend on Tuesday, April 22.

Premium subscribers receive their stipend every week, whether they log in or not. Basic subscribers who qualify for a stipend receive one every week that they log in (that is, they are paid Tuesday provided they logged in sometime the week before).

KBnote.png Note: Note: While the automated process begins paying out stipends on Tuesday mornings, Second Life's population continues to grow, which means stipend payments will take longer to deliver. Payouts may be expected to appear later in the day on Tuesdays, or possibly even Wednesdays.

Depending on what type of account you have and its age, the amount you receive each week may vary.

  1. Premium accounts created or upgraded from Basic on or after November 1, 2006 receive L$300 per week.
  2. Premium accounts created or upgraded between July 21, 2006 and November 1, 2006 receive L$400 per week.
  3. Premium accounts created or upgraded prior to July 21, 2006 receive L$500 per week.
  4. Basic accounts created prior to June 6, 2006 receive a stipend of L$50 per week.
  5. Basic accounts created after June 6, 2006 do not receive a weekly stipend.

Upgrading your Basic account to Premium allows you to receive a stipend at the current rate -- L$300 per week.