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The permissions system can be used to restrict future owners' ability to sell your creations to others. Here are some popular permissions combinations:No-Copy, No-Transfer: The owner has one copy of the item. Rezzing the object inworld causes it to leave the owner's inventory. The owner can never give the object to someone else (including giving it back to the creator).Copy, No-Transfer: The owner can make copies of the item. Rezzing the object inworld retains a copy in inventory (great for vehicles or other objects that may fly off or otherwise get lost). The owner can never give the object to someone else, including giving it back to the creator.No-Copy, Transfer: The owner has one copy of the item. They can sell that one copy to someone else; if they do, they will no longer own the object. This allows the owner to give the object to someone else when they no longer wish to use it. It also allows residents to buy your items for other people (who may be elsewhere or even offline).

KBnote.png Note: Note: Transfer is listed as Resell/Give Away in Edit or Properties.

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