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To sell Linden Dollars (L$):

  1. Deposit the L$ you want to sell in your Xstreet account by visiting any Xstreet Terminal.
  2. Click on the Sell link.
  3. Type in how many L$ you wish to sell (L$100 Minimum).
  4. Select how much you want to get for them. This can be done three ways.
    • Select the best price you can sell L$ for at the moment. No math needed! This is the quickest way to sell L$.
    • Specify how many L$ you want to sell for each USD $1.00.
    • Specify how much you want to receive per 1000 L$.
  5. Click the Place Order button to place your order. A pop-up dialog appears, indicating that your order was successfully placed.
  6. Your My Orders page opens. You can view your orders on this page.