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This article explains how to make use of our invoicing option when ordering private regions (islands and openspaces) in Second Life.

Who uses invoices?

Invoicing is meant to be used by a specific set of Second Life users under specific circumstances:

  • Verified, approved educators and non-profit institutions, who receive a discount on the regular setup costs and monthly fees for private regions (islands).
  • Companies who fulfill the following conditions:
    • Require an invoice before payment can be made.
    • Are willing to pay either 6 months or 1 year of maintenance in advance.
  • Those who work with Purchase Order number requirements.
  • All Teen Second Life private island orders.
KBnote.png Note: While land orders from Teen Second Life make use of the special ordering system, land orders from individuals in Teen Second Life are not invoiced and hence not subject to the 30-day grace period; individual land purchasers in Teen Second Life (i.e. not schools or non-profits) must pay setup fees upon delivery, as well as monthly maintenance thereafter.

To receive the education and non-profit discounts, you must use the invoicing option.

Where do I go to get an invoice?

Second Life offers the invoicing option though our special orders selection from the Land Store. You can also access invoicing directly from the following URL:

What information do I need to supply to get an invoice?

The following is information that you will need for the invoicing option. Please read it carefully and if your questions are not answered by this document, please submit a Support ticket to request explanation (please include "Education" in the ticket summary).

Verification Information

Company verification

The customer and address given must match the company URL.

If you do not wish to pay for the island setup and maintenance in advance ($2770.00 for 6 months or $4540.00 for 1 year), then you may go to the Land Store website, where you can pay for the island and then island maintenance fees on a month-by-month basis. Payments are made through your Second Life account and the form of payment specified therein. We have monthly account statements in PDF format available from your account for business accounting and reconciliation purposes, available from the Account Statements link in your Dashboard after you click Account on the left to expand it.

KBnote.png Note: At this time, individuals (either in Second Life or Teen Second Life) may not use the invoicing option.

Educational and non-profit institution verification

To receive the discount for island purchase and monthly maintenance, we must be able to verify:

  • That your institution is a valid educational or non-profit institution.
  • That the person who ordered this island is an employee of said institution.
KBnote.png Note: We do not offer this discount to developers who are working on behalf of education or non-profit institutions. Please refer to the aforementioned requirement concerning individuals.

Educational Institutions: Please provide us with proof of institution status as well as proof of the ordering individual's employment with the institution. The quickest method of verification is through your institution's website. We should then be able to access your name in conjunction with the institution. If your institution does not list staff/faculty/employees, you may send a written verification from the director of your department.

KBnote.png Note: We do not offer this discount to developers who are working on behalf of education or non-profit institutions. Please refer to the aforementioned requirement concerning individuals.

Non-profit institutions: We require 501(c)3 non-profit accreditation proof or similar not-for-profit licensing proof in countries other than the United States. Again, we should be able to connect the ordering individual's name with the institution as an employee. If you do not include non-profit documents through your website, you may provide the documents via ticket attachment, fax, or post. Those who have applied for non-profit status and are waiting for the appropriate documentation are considered on a case-by-case basis.

KBnote.png Note:
  • The island is ultimately owned by the university, and the avatar who operates the island in Second Life must be a verified employee.
  • The business conducted on the island must be of educational concern and related to the university who owns said island.
  • As stated above, we do not give discounted islands to individuals; this includes educational professionals who wish to pursue island purchase for personal use, as well as developers who wish to purchase an island for the institution.

Copies of appropriate documentation can be submitted by fax to 415-243-9045.

Approval and Island Delivery Information

Submitting an order does not obligate you to pay immediately; payment is made once the island has been delivered and the invoice sent.

  1. When you place the order, you receive a sales order confirmation. This is merely an order confirmation, not a notice of delivery.
  2. Once you place the order, your order is submitted into the approval queue.
  3. Once the island order is approved, you receive an approval email, and then your order is placed in the delivery queue.
  4. After approval, delivery time under normal circumstances takes 10-15 business days.

The delivery process could take a bit longer if:

  • You have island naming issues.
  • You have not set up your Second Life account.
  • You have placement issues with the other private regions whom you are bordering.

You will have access to your account in Netsuite (Second Life's special orders system) through the special ordering website.

KBnote.png Note: Netsuite is a different website than

In your Netsuite account, you will be able to:

  • View your sales order
  • Add your credit card information
  • Pay your invoice with a credit card

Under normal circumstances, you may expect your island to be up within 10-15 business days. You'll receive an email with delivery instructions and an invoice (NOT the same as the sales order) for payment once your island has been delivered, displaying the correct amount based on the maintenance period that you chose. This is what you pay for. You cannot make a payment until you have received an invoice (bill), after which you have 30 days to pay for it. Late payment may result in your island being shut down and the possibility of lost inventory on the island. Invoices for maintenance will be emailed when the payment schedule is ready for renewal.

Payment Information

After you have received your invoice you may pay via check, credit card or wire transfer.

KBnote.png Note: %%
  • We neither accept Paypal nor use funds from your Second Life account to pay for your invoiced island order.
  • Currently, VAT is not added to our invoiced orders, but we will inform you as soon as this happens. Find out more about VAT and Second Life in this Knowledge Base article.


Wire Transfer

If you would like to pay by wire transfer, see this article for more detailed information. Please be aware that you will need to pay for your bank's wiring charges, so this will need to be added to your invoice total. Also, be sure to reference your invoice number in the wire details.

Credit Card

If you wish to pay by credit card:

  1. Log back into your Netsuite account. You will be directed to menu options.
  2. Select Make a Payment. All outstanding invoices will appear.
  3. Move to the bottom of the page, where you may add your credit card information for payment of the invoices that you check.
KBnote.png Note: The listing of outstanding invoices is not the sales order document.

Check or Bank Draft

Please submit a check or bank draft to:

Linden Research Inc Dept. 34109 PO Box 39000 San Francisco CA 94111 USA

Those who use PO# should send us the required vendor forms for completion. We will add the PO# to the invoice as soon as we receive it.

Other useful information follows:

Federal Tax ID#: 94-3364615 VAT #: EU826011179