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With a Featured Item, you'll get the benefit of all three Basic Enhancements (Bold, Highlight, Border) with more effective "Top of the Page" positioning (explained below) at the top of the page, plus a label. And, if that's not enough, you'll also get a Featured Category spot in Categories that have such an offering.

"Top of the Page" positioning means your item will remain on whatever pages it would normally be on, but it will be at the top of that page, not buried further down.

For example: Let's say a merchant decided to add a Feature Enhancement to "S&T's Maze 1.0," which is listed under Recreation and Entertainment > Theme and Amusement Parks. As a Featured Item, the following things will happen:

  1. "S&T's Maze 1.0" is displayed in the list of Featured Items for Recreation and Entertainment (the list of Featured Items that shows up when you click on Recreation and Entertainment).
  2. Under Theme and Amusement Parks where it "lives," it's moved to the top of whatever page it would show up on normally. For instance, if you saw it on the fourth page of Theme and Amusement Parks before it was Featured, it would still be on that page, but it would be at the top instead of further down.

Why is this better than moving them to the front of the overall search results? If you search on Art, you'll find over 700 listings, which means there could easily be pages and pages of Featured items, which doesn't help anyone stand out. However, if your item is one of just a few Featured items on a page, the odds of its being noticed are much greater.

Enhancement costs are listed in the article describing Xstreet fees.