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I own an Openspace today, what are my choices?

If you are using your Openspace for very low impact usage (park, ocean, occasional sailing events, etc) you can keep your Openspace in its current form, or you may convert it to a full Region. Four Openspaces equate to one full Region. If you do not have enough Openspaces to convert to a full Region, you may make up the difference with a one-time cost equivalent to USD$250 per Openspace. To maintain your Openspace status, you must comply with the usage limits for Openspaces.

If you are using your Openspace as a rental or other unapproved use, such as habitation, you are really using what we call a Homestead. You may keep your Region in its current form, but Homesteads will have specific limits. In January 2009, the billing rate changed to $95/month. In July 2009, it moved to $125/month.

KBnote.png Note: Note: Starting January 1, 2009, all Openspace Regions running on Class 4 hardware will be upgraded to Class 5 hardware, regardless of whether their owners opt out of becoming Homesteads. Owners of Class 4 Openspaces and Homesteads will not receive a grandfathered rate and are subject to the pricing plans outlined in this FAQ.

I have many Openspaces that I rent, what are my choices?

Your choices are the same as above. You are welcome to continue to use Homesteads as rental Regions but the price will change in January 2009.

How are Homestead Regions and Openspaces different?

Openspaces are intended for very low-impact use only. They share 4 CPUs per server, and support a limited number of objects. When the new changes go into place, they will support 750 prims and only 10 avatars, and will likely place limits on scripts running in the Region, as well as being unable to use event postings and classifieds.

Homestead regions are for quiet residential or light commercial use. They are not intended for events, malls, or other high-impact uses. When new changes go into place, they will support 3750 prims and 20 avatars, and will likely also have script limits.

What is the policy around migrating from Openspaces to a Full Region?

You may convert your Openspaces to a full Region. Four Openspaces equate to one Region, and we are not charging a conversion fee, at least until the pricing change comes into effect in January 09. If you own less than four Openspaces, you can make up the difference at a cost of USD$250 per Openspace.

For example: If you own 2 Openspaces, you can covert to a full Region at the cost of the two Openspaces + USD$500. The current monthly fee for a Full Region will then apply.

KBnote.png Note: Note: The new monthly billing date for a converted full Region is the average of the billing dates for the Openspaces used in the trade.

What if I own 7 Openspaces, can I trade up to 2 regions with my 7 Openspaces + $250?

Yes, you may.

On January 5th, what action do I have to take to determine if my Openspace becomes a Homestead Region or remains an Openspace?

On January 5th, your Openspace will become a Homestead and be billed at that rate unless you take the following steps:

  1. Remove any renters from the region.
  2. Reduce prims to 750 or less.
  3. File a ticket with the concierge team to opt out of the change:
    1. Visit
    2. Click the Ticket Submission button
    3. Enter a short, descriptive summary in the Summary field
    4. Under Ticket Type, choose Land and Region Issues
    5. Under Region Request, choose Region Change
    6. Under Region Change, choose Homestead opt-out
    7. Under Details, tell us the name of your Openspace(s), and let us know that it has under 750 prims on it.

What is the price point for the new Homestead product?

Homesteads entered the market on January 5th at USD$95 per month each, with a setup fee of USD$375. The monthly charge moved to $125 in July 2009. Regular Region and Openspace setup fees remain the same.

Are there discounts for educators?

Qualified Educators already receive a discount for regular Private Regions. We will not be offering a discount on Openspaces, but we will offer a discount for Homesteads. Educational Homesteads setup is $262.00, $66.50/month for January 09 onwards and then $87.50 per month from July 09.

When did the limits take effect?

Limits around avatars and prim counts took effect January 5th, with the price increase. Script and other limitations not ready by the January 5th date will take effect as completed, but will be announced as soon as possible.

When did the price changes take effect?

Pricing changes for Homesteads happened January 5th, 2009 for a US $375 setup fee and US$95/month, and again on July 1, 2009 to US$125/month.

What things have not changed about Openspaces, Homesteads and Private regions?

  • You still need to own a Private region to buy an Openspace or Homestead.
  • Setup fees for Openspaces and Private Regions remain the same.
  • Monthly fees for Openspaces and Private Regions remain the same.
  • As stated on the Second Life Blog, the Owner and the Payor must be the same person on an Openspace or Homestead.

What are the policies around land rental on Homestead Regions?

Homesteads are approved for rental use within the Region limitations we have set.

What are the policies around land rental on Openspaces?

Openspaces are not approved for residential or commercial rental, or for habitation. They are only for open areas of scenery and parkland.



Full Regions




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Monthly Maintenance

Educational Discount

Script Limits

Events & Classifieds

Can I deed parcels on my Openspace to my group?

No. Deeding and selling parcels on Openspaces is not allowed.