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This article answers some frequently asked questions about transferring your Private Region to someone else.

Can I transfer my Private Region to someone else?

Yes. Linden Lab does allow your Second Life® Private Region to be transferred to another Resident.

KBnote.png Note: Note: Both the account making the transfer and the account being transferred to must be Second Life accounts in good standing.

Is there a fee for a Private Region transfer?

The seller is charged USD $100 for the transfer of their Private Region to another Resident. If the Region is set for sale using Linden Dollars (L$) the transfer fee can be paid as L$28,000. This payment is for the backend work by Linden Lab, which includes:

  • Changing Estate ownership settings
  • Billing transfer
  • Region name change
  • Moving the Region

Can Linden Lab bill the new owner and pay me instead?

Yes. Effective March 10, 2008, we transfer the purchase fee of the island (between the new owner and the seller) through their Second Life account. This is our default transfer process.

How do Private Region transfers work?

Once the buyer and seller have agreed to transfer a Region and whether to pay in USD or L$, they each need to create a transfer ticket.

KBnote.png Note: Note: The buyer needs to have valid payment information on file with Linden Lab (or have the necessary account credit in USD or L$).

Ticket submission process

  1. Go to the support page and login with your Second Life account.
  2. Click on Ticket Submission.
  3. Select the Ticket Type: Land and Region Issues
  4. Region Request: Region change
  5. Region Change: Transfer
  6. Transfer type: Select buying or selling.
  7. Complete these required fields (this information must be the same in both the buyer and seller tickets):
  • Other person's name
  • Region Name
  • Transaction Type: Select USD or L$
  • Selling Price in USD or L$ as selected in Transaction Type


Can I sell part of the Private Region?

Yes. Parcels can be sold to other Residents, but you remain responsible for the monthly payments. You can make arrangements for these new parcel owners to pay you for use of the Private Region, but that's between you and the other Residents. Many Private Region owners use the Private Region's Covenant to explain their payment structure.

What changes can be made to the Private Region for the new owner?

We can rename the Private Region and move it from its original location at the time of the transfer for no additional cost. Please include these requests in the buyer's transfer ticket.

What happens to the monthly billing?

The new owner assumes the monthly billing, which is charged on the same day of the month as it always was. Private Regions, unlike the mainland, bill for the coming month. If the Private Region bills on, say, the 12th of the month, it will continue to bill on the 12th of the month. This means that if the Private Region is transferred on the 14th, the current owner pays for that month (as the current owner had the Private Region when it billed). Consequently, if the Private Region is transferred on the 10th, the new owner pays the fee for the month (as the new owner had the Private Region when it billed). Note that in order to request transfer of a Private Region be completed by a specific date, we do require a minimum of five business days' notice from both parties.

What if it's an educational/not for profit Private Region?

Educational or non-profit Regions (those that are billed at the discounted rate) can only be transferred to someone who already has educational/non-profit islands, or who is eligible for that level of discount.

How can I transfer my Private Region?

See this article on the Private Region transfer process.

What if we change our minds?

Either party can cancel the transfer by closing out their ticket prior to the transfer being performed.

How long does a transfer take?

After both the buyer and seller have submitted their tickets to Support, you can normally expect your Private Region transfer to take 5-10 business days. Depending on the size of our current Region transfer queue, your transfer may occasionally take longer than 10 business days.

If the next billing date for the Region is coming up soon, and both the seller and buyer want to have the transfer done by then, we will try to make that happen. We need to have at least 5 billing days' notice from both parties. Please submit your transfer ticket and include the next billing date in the summary line (for example, "NOVEMBER 12 transfer Oleo Isle to Pony Linden"). Then contact Concierge support through chat or phone, provide your ticket number, and confirm that the billing date has been noted.