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The table below explains the different types of Private Regions available for purchase in the Second Life® virtual world.

Region Type General Description Size Prim Limit Concurrent Avatar Limit Events and Classifieds Setup Fee Maintenance Fee Education/Non-Profit Discount?
Full A Full region is the premier island product and offers the highest performance. It supports as many as 15,000 prims and 100 concurrent avatars. 65536m2 15000 100 Yes $1000 $295/month Yes
Homestead A Homestead region has lower performance than a Full region and is intended for low-density rentals, quiet residential or light commercial use. It is limited to 3750 prims and no more than 20 concurrent avatars. A Homestead is available only to Residents who own at least one Full Region. 65536m2 3750 20 Yes $375 $125/month Yes
Openspace An Openspace region is intended for very low-impact scenic use, such as ocean, forest or countryside. It is limited to 750 prims and no more than 10 concurrent avatars. An Openspace region is available only to Residents who own at least one Full region. 65536m2 750 10 No $250 $75/month No