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4/21/2011: Linden Lab is announcing an easier way to purchase abandoned mainland property in this blog post.

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Frequently asked questions

What is abandoned land?

Abandoned land is a mainland parcel that was returned to Linden Lab by the previous owner.

What happens to land when it is abandoned?

When a mainland parcel is abandoned, there is a short period (from one hour to 24 hours) when an owner can reclaim the land if he/she abandoned it in error. After that period, objects on the land are returned to the original owner and the name of the parcel will change to, “Abandoned Land - For Sale,” and the ownership transfers to Governor Linden. The land can then be purchased by anyone with a Premium account.

How do I find a abandoned Mainland parcel to purchase?

Recycled land is owned by Governor Linden and named, “Abandoned Land - For Sale.” These parcels can be found my visiting a region and looking at parcel descriptions. They will also highlight on the map as land for sale. These parcels are not listed in Search.

How do I purchase abandoned Mainland and how much does it cost?

Once you find a parcel that you are interested in purchasing, then open the “About Land,” information by right clicking your mouse on the land. Then click on “Buy Land.” Abandoned land will be priced at L$1 per square meter (pricing subject to change) and then tiered pricing applies to the parcel’s maintenance fee. Purchasing abandoned land may also require approval of an additional monthly land tier, depending on the size of the parcel.

What will the parcel look like?

The parcel will be empty terrain. The parcel can be any size or shape.

Can I buy any piece of abandoned land?

Initially, only newly abandoned land owned by Governor Linden that is named, “Abandoned Land - For Sale,” can be purchased. There are parcels of land owned by Governor Linden that were abandoned long ago, but are not for sale yet. Over time, they may also be available for purchase using the newly automated process.

I found abandoned land that I want to purchase. However, I am not able to buy it. Why?

First, make sure the parcel is owned by Governor Linden and named, “Abandoned Land - For Sale.” If the land is owned by Governor Linden and named differently, then it will likely be made available for sale at a later date. If the parcel is Resident owned, then they may have not changed the name after they purchased it.

Does this program include private regions?

No, this program only applies to Linden-owned Mainland areas.