Linden Lab Official:Someone claiming to be a Linden is threatening to ban my account and take my land!

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Any Resident who tries to intimidate you by claiming to be a Linden is violating Second Life's Terms of Service, and you should Abuse Report him immediately.

Residents with the last name "Linden" (often referred to as "the Lindens") are the avatars of Linden Lab employees. Some Residents may try to intimidate you by claiming that they are friends with a particular Linden, or that they are a Linden themselves. They may imply that they can ban your account or take your land from you if you don't submit to their demands. Real Lindens adhere to a strict code of conduct inworld, and will only ban Resident accounts and reclaim land under specific circumstances:

We may:

  • Ban a Resident's account for a violation of Second Life's Terms of Service
  • Place an administrative hold on an account that is delinquent, meaning that its owner has not paid all his fees on time.
  • Reclaim land if the owner's account is delinquent for a long period of time, or if the owner's account has been administratively reviewed and permanently banned.

Remember: If anyone threatens to ban you or take your land by force, file an Abuse Report against that Resident immediately!

The Who are Lindens? video tutorial may be helpful to watch.