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Support Groups in the Second Life Virtual World

SL Support Group Description
Guiding Lights Peer Support Training Mental Health and Education Support
Guiding Lights Peer Support Training Grief and Loss Support
Mental Health Network Mental Health Support
Virtual Native Lands Native American Support Group
Survivors of TBI Traumatic Brain Injury Support
Let's Face It Facial Difference Support
Fearless Nation Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Community
Cape Able Deaf/Hearing Impaired Support
Virtual Ability General Disability Support
U.S. Military Veterans Center U.S. Military Veterans in Second Life
Centering Place Suicide Prevention & Educationtopic=Suicide/
Centering Place Depression and Abuse Support
SL's Cancer Survivors Cancer Survivors in Second Life
ASA SL Autism Support
PS~We Love You General Support
Tong Ren Healing Energy Healing
Survivors of Suicide Project Suicide and depression education and prevention
Wheelies Virtual Disability Nightclub
Project Jason Families Supporting the families of the missing
Transgender American Veterans Association Support for transgender veterans
Transgender Lounge Transgender support
Path of Support General Support and Guide
ALS/MIND Support Group Lou Gehrig's Disease support
Virtual Helping Hands Disability Support
The Brain Candy Project Support parents/guardians with critically ill children