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The canonical viewer source is in the viewer-release repository; the tags of the form major.minor.patch-release indicate the revisions used to build the default viewer at that release number.

This page documents each viewers currently being made available by Linden Lab (including the default viewer), with information on which repository and changeset was used to build each.

For links to download these viewers, see the official Alternate Viewers page.

Release Channels

The default cohort viewer here is the default provided by the downloads page. The other cohorts are candidates being evaluated to be the next default; all are believed to be stable.

Second Life Release

Cohort Version Repository Changeset Access
default 505a492f30bd Public
The canonical viewer source archive
Alex Ivy 7540ef65cbac Public
Building the viewer with 64 bit support. This means it can use more of the memory in your computer, avoiding many sources of crashes. It may even be faster...
Maintenance d4840e908956 Public
A public fork of the Second Life viewer-release code
Voice e9aa5507f71b Public
Updated and improved voice support

Project Channels

These are early experimental viewers; they may not yet be even beta quality - use at your own risk

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot

Cohort Version Repository Changeset Access
default 59888b747afc unknown
no description

Second Life Project Animesh

Cohort Version Repository Changeset Access
default ac1abd43fbda Public