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(How are Linden Dollars (L$) deducted from my Second Life account when I make a purchase?)
(How do I deposit L$ without having to log into Second Life?)
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Your inworld L$ balance is ''separate'' from [http://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Your_Account your Xstreet account].
Your inworld L$ balance is ''separate'' from [http://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Your_Account your Xstreet account].
=== How do I deposit L$ ''without'' having to log into Second Life? ===
=== How do I transfer L$ to my Xstreet Account? ===
# [https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=207296 Get a '''Xstreet SL Remote Deposit box'''.]
# Under My Marketplace, click the [https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Your_Account&file=fundsdeposit_sll Transfer] link.  
# Rez it inworld in a stable, relatively permanent location, like on land you own.
# Transfer the L$ you want and Continue shopping!
# Confirm you want to grant permissions so the box can "Take Linden dollars (L$) from you".
#: [[File:Take_Linden_dollars_(L$)_from_you.png|256px]]
# Return to the Xstreet website and refresh the page. Under My Marketplace, click the new '''[https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Your_Account&file=fundsdeposit_sll Deposit]''' link.
#: [[File:Remote_Deposit_link.png]]
# Deposit the L$ you want, verify your password for security, and wait up to 10 minutes.
# The L$ has been deposited. ''Continue shopping!''
===Are the Terminals and the website secure?===
===Are the Terminals and the website secure?===

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This article answers popular Frequently Asked Questions about using Xstreet SL.

Go here if you need help troubleshooting technical problems.

My Account

How can I change my password?

Change your password right here.

If you forgot your password, retrieve it here.

What are "My Subscriptions"?

From the Your Account (shown as your Second Life name) link at the top of every Xstreet SL webpage, you'll see a link to My Subscriptions. Xstreet SL uses subscriptions to manage many aspects of the website, from product enhancements to item discussions to Magic Box hosting, just to name a few. You can use the My Subscriptions page to modify these subscriptions as you see fit.

How do I view Mature listings?

When browsing categories, you'll see Enable Mature Content below. Click it to change your preference.


If Mature Content is already enabled, the link will say Disable Mature Content.

Alternatively, log into uncensored.xstreetsl.com to view Mature Content.

How can I use an alt on Xstreet SL?

If you have an alternate Second Life account (alt) you'd like to use on Xstreet SL, log in with your alt's Second Life name and password.


How do I contact Xstreet SL support?

Through the Second Life Support Portal. Please don't IM us inworld unless we specifically ask you to. Unsolicited IMs are often not received, so they frequently go unanswered.

I bought something but all I got was a box!

You need to open the box and unpack its contents.

I don't like what I bought, how do I get my money back?

Just as Linden Lab states in the Second Life Terms of Service, Xstreet's Terms of Service states that Xstreet is not responsible for content. However, this by no means implies that we aren't concerned about the relationships between our customers and merchants.

First, try to contact the merchant — a best practice outside of Second Life — since most merchants should make a reasonable attempt to fix their product or refund your money. If you have trouble getting in touch with the merchant, contact us via via the Support Portal and we'll try to assist in bringing the two of you together.

Who can help me with product support?

Questions about how to use the product you've purchased can only be answered by the creator or merchant from whom you purchased the item.

To see a product's creator:

  1. Rez the object inworld.
  2. Right-click the object and select Edit.
  3. Click the General tab to see their name next to Creator:.
KBnote.png Note: Sometimes, the creator is different than who provides support, and other contacts are listed in the creator's profile. Click Profile..." next to the creator's name, then see if they list those details.

To contact a merchant:

  1. Find the item listing on Xstreet SL.
  2. Click the Contact Seller link to send them a Private Message.


I deposited USD funds, now where are my Linden Dollars (L$)?

Xstreet SL doesn't automatically convert your USD to L$ for you, because your USD can be used for a number of different things on Xstreet SL, which include:

  • Marketplace purchases
  • Day trading
  • Purchasing L$

If you wish to purchase L$, you may do so through our Buy L$ page on our Currency Exchange.

Where are the L$ I purchased?

When you buy L$ on Xstreet SL, your Xstreet L$ Balance is increased to reflect the purchase. If you want to withdraw those funds from your Xstreet L$ Balance to your Second Life avatar, do the following:

  • Click the Withdraw link underneath the Xstreet L$ Balance displayed on the left side of every Xstreet SL web page.

How are Linden Dollars (L$) deducted from my Second Life account when I make a purchase?

They aren't. We don't directly access your Second Life account.

Your inworld L$ balance is separate from your Xstreet account.

How do I transfer L$ to my Xstreet Account?

  1. Under My Marketplace, click the Transfer link.
  2. Transfer the L$ you want and Continue shopping!

Are the Terminals and the website secure?

The L$ you deposit are safe. Xstreet SL and all its related components were designed with security in mind right from the start, incorporating years of experience in security administration and secure programming practices. In addition to this, there was a public call during our alpha testing stage for anyone who wanted to attempt to "harm the system" in any way they could. While there were some valiant attempts, all went unrealized. No one even came close to causing harm.

Also, absolutely nothing is done with the L$ you deposit. All Xstreet SL user accounts are treated as escrow accounts. The L$ belong to you, and are not ours to use.

How do I use PayPal with Xstreet?

I have funds in my PayPal Account; how come my purchases are being denied?

Every account has limits to how much can be bought or deposited in USD$ for any given day and week. Two of the biggest factors in this rating are:

  • The age of the avatar and the Xstreet SL account
  • Whether or not your PayPal account is verified

I purchased something via PayPal and haven't received it, but the funds have been taken out of my PayPal account. Where's my stuff?

Your purchase may have been flagged for review. There are certain transactions that are flagged for manual review and approval. This is a crucial part of the effort to keep fraud under control. Unless there's a problem, a flagged transaction will usually be approved within 24 hours.

Why can't I see the option to buy things for USD?

Items under L$50 can't be purchased for USD.

KBnote.png Note: The USD option is unavailable on Xstreet Uncensored due to PayPal restrictions regarding Adult Content. If you're browsing Uncensored and find a non-adult item you want to purchase for USD, please look it up at the censored Xstreet SL to get the USD option.

What is a "pending sale"?

A pending sale usually means one of two things:

  • You're trying to buy something with USD and your payment is being held for review. In those cases, the item isn't delivered and the funds aren't deducted from your account until we approve the transaction involved.
  • Xstreet SL is having trouble delivering the item due to problems inworld within Second Life. Xstreet attempts to execute the sale for two hours, during which time it appears as a "Pending" sale on our website.
    • If the delivery succeeds, the sale completes, you receive the item, and the funds are transferred to the merchant.
    • If the delivery fails, the sale is cancelled, and your funds are returned to your Xstreet account.

Why are you holding my L$ and saying I'm risky?

Your funds have been flagged as risky by the Risk API. Learn more here.

What are your fees?


What if I see questionable content?

I rated a product but it doesn't show up. Why?

A product must have three ratings before the ratings are displayed on its item listing.

My Wishlists

How do I use Wishlists on Xstreet?