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A single script that rescales every prim in a linkset

by Brilliant Scientist, 25th April 2010

This script uses the llGetLinkPrimitiveParams() and llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast() functions introduced in server 1.38 to rescale every prim in an arbitrary linkset. Based on Linkset resizer script by Maestro Linden.

The main differences are between the two scripts are:

  • this script is menu-controlled
  • the script's listen channel is generated dynamically
  • more comments in the code for beginner scripters
  • it's just less chatty

Source Code

<lsl> // Linkset Resizer with Menu // version 1.00 (25.04.2010) // by: Brilliant Scientist // -- // This script resizes all prims in a linkset, the process is controlled via a menu. // The script works on arbitrary linksets and requires no configuration. // The number of prims of the linkset it can process is limited only by the script's memory. // The script is based on "Linkset Resizer" script by Maestro Linden. // // This script still doesn't check prim linkability rules, which are described in: //

float MIN_DIMENSION=0.01; // the minimum cur_scale of a prim allowed, in any dimension float MAX_DIMENSION=10.0; // the maximum cur_scale of a prim allowed, in any dimension

float max_scale; float min_scale;

float cur_scale = 1.0; integer handle; integer menuChan;

float min_original_scale=10.0; // minimum x/y/z component of the scales in the linkset float max_original_scale=0.0; // minimum x/y/z component of the scales in the linkset

list link_scales = []; list link_positions = [];

makeMenu() { llListenRemove(handle); menuChan = 50000 + (integer)llFrand(50000.00); handle = llListen(menuChan,"",llGetOwner(),"");

//the button values can be changed i.e. you can set a value like "-1.00" or "+2.00" //and it will work without changing anything else in the script llDialog(llGetOwner(),"Max scale: "+(string)max_scale+"\nMin scale: "+(string)min_scale+"\n \nCurrent scale:"+

       (string)cur_scale,["-0.50","-0.25","-0.10","+0.05","0.00","-0.05","+0.10","+0.25","+0.50","MIN SIZE","RESTORE",
       "MAX SIZE"],menuChan);


integer scanLinkset() { integer link_qty = llGetNumberOfPrims(); integer link_idx; vector link_pos; vector link_scale;

//script made specifically for linksets, not for single prims if (link_qty > 1) { //link numbering in linksets starts with 1 for (link_idx=1; link_idx <= link_qty; link_idx++) { link_pos=llList2Vector(llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(link_idx,[PRIM_POSITION]),0); link_scale=llList2Vector(llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(link_idx,[PRIM_SIZE]),0);

// determine the minimum and maximum prim scales in the linkset, // so that rescaling doesn't fail due to prim cur_scale limitations if(link_scale.x<min_original_scale) min_original_scale=link_scale.x; else if(link_scale.x>max_original_scale) max_original_scale=link_scale.x; if(link_scale.y<min_original_scale) min_original_scale=link_scale.y; else if(link_scale.y>max_original_scale) max_original_scale=link_scale.y; if(link_scale.z<min_original_scale) min_original_scale=link_scale.z; else if(link_scale.z>max_original_scale) max_original_scale=link_scale.z;

link_scales += link_scale; link_positions +=[(link_pos-llGetRootPosition())/llGetRootRotation()]; } } else { llOwnerSay("error: this script doesn't work for non-linked objects"); return FALSE; }

max_scale = MAX_DIMENSION/max_original_scale; min_scale = MIN_DIMENSION/min_original_scale;

return TRUE; }

resizeObject(float scale) { integer link_qty = llGetNumberOfPrims(); integer link_idx; vector new_size; vector new_pos;

if (link_qty > 1) { //link numbering in linksets starts with 1 for (link_idx=1; link_idx <= link_qty; link_idx++) { new_size = scale * llList2Vector(link_scales, link_idx-1); new_pos = scale * llList2Vector(link_positions, link_idx-1);

if (link_idx == 1) { //because we don't really want to move the root prim as it moves the whole object llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(link_idx, [PRIM_SIZE, new_size]); } else { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(link_idx, [PRIM_SIZE, new_size, PRIM_POSITION, new_pos]); } } } }

default { state_entry() { if (scanLinkset()) { //llOwnerSay("resizer script ready"); } else { llRemoveInventory(llGetScriptName()); } }

touch_start(integer total) { if (llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) makeMenu(); }

listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) { //you can never be too secure if (id == llGetOwner()) { if (msg == "RESTORE") { cur_scale = 1.0; } else if (msg == "MIN SIZE") { cur_scale = min_scale; } else if (msg == "MAX SIZE") { cur_scale = max_scale; } else { cur_scale += (float)msg; }

//check that the scale doesn't go beyond the bounds if (cur_scale > max_scale) { cur_scale = max_scale; } if (cur_scale < min_scale) { cur_scale = min_scale; }

resizeObject(cur_scale); } } } </lsl>