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Function: list ListXandY(list lx, list ly);

This function examines two lists, and returns a new list composed of the elements that both lists have in common.

See also: Lists

<lsl> list ListXandY(list lx, list ly) {// return a list of elements common to both lists

   list lz = []; integer x;
   for (x = 0; x < llGetListLength(ly); x++) {
       if (~llListFindList(lx,llList2List(ly,x,x))) {
           lz = lz + llList2List(ly,x,x);
       else {
   return lz;

} </lsl>


<lsl> list l1 = ["a","b","c","d"]; list l2 = ["a","1","b","2","c","3"];


  state_entry() {
     llSay(0, "The two lists have the following items in common: " + llList2CSV(ListXandY(l1,l2)) );
     //will say: a, b, c

} </lsl>

Posted with the kind permission of Very Keynes, who originated this script June 2007 in the SL scripters forum