List of Second Life Skills Training Schools

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Second Life Schools


This is a list of Second Life Skills Training Schools gathered to date.

The moderator for this page is Lady Hathaway. If you know of a Second Life school that we have missed, please let Lady know or add the school to this page yourself. All may contribute useful material to this page. Lady will keep it sorted. You may also add comments and thoughts on the discussion page for this topic.

Please do NOT put a lot of detail about your school on this summary page.

Instead, add a link to your web site. Or create and maintain a separate Wiki page for your school that describes organization, offerings, certifications etc. Use the SL CERT Moderator Wiki Guide to learn how to start your own page. Let us know when it is ready and we will link to it here.



QPA/Quality People Academy

NCI/New Citizens Incorporated (

SLLC/SL Learning Centre

Fermi Sandbox

ICE/Institute of Cooperative Education

GQ Start



The Photo Institute

Rockcliffe University

Town Square Learning Center

SOMA - School of Design

Sunbelt Uni

Insight Virtual College
Stargazer Blazer & ReverendMathias Merit

Sensual Stoneworks

Toady Nakamura & Minx Mousehold

Master Jeweler Guild

EmCee Widget


Rox Arten

Teachers Without Borders

JeZeBeLe Dagger

Tech Virtual

Agent Heliosense

vhs - Volkshochschule im Second Life

it's a German community college, organized by the RL college "vhs Goslar". Offers classes on SL - as well as RL-topics, some classes are free, most cost a few Linden. Teaching with voice.

RezzMe Sandbox School - Class every week, join our group to stay informed