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|p1_type=float|p1_name=theta|p1_desc=angle expressed in radians.
|p1_type=float|p1_name=theta|p1_desc=angle expressed in radians.
|return_text=that is the cosine of theta.
|return_text=that is the cosine of '''theta'''.

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Function: float llCos( float theta );

Returns a float that is the cosine of theta.

• float theta angle expressed in radians.


<lsl>// Touch the object with this script in it to see the cosine of random numbers! default {

   touch_start(integer num)
       float r = llFrand(TWO_PI);
       llOwnerSay("The cosine of " + (string)r + " in radians or " + (string)(r * RAD_TO_DEG) + " in degrees is " + (string)llCos(r));

See Also


• llSin llAsin sine & inverse Sine
•  llAcos inverse cosine
• llTan llAtan2 tangent & inverse tangent

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


function float llCos( float theta );