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Function: key llCreateKeyValue( string k, string v );

Start an asynchronous transaction to create a key-value pair associated with the given experience key using the given key and value.
Returns a handle (a key) that can be used to identify the corresponding dataserver event to determine if this command succeeded or failed.

• string k The key for the key-value pair
• string v The value for the key-value pair. Maximum 2047 characters, or 4095 if using Mono.

Will fail with XP_ERROR_STORAGE_EXCEPTION if the key already exists.

The dataserver callback parameters are:

  • A key containing the handle returned from llCreateKeyValue
  • A string containing a comma-delimited list. The first item is a boolean specifying if the transaction succeeded (1) or not (0). The second item is a string with a status/error message if it failed or the value if the transaction succeeded.


<lsl>key trans; default {

   touch_start(integer total_number)
       trans = llCreateKeyValue("FOO", "BAR");

   dataserver(key t, string value)
       if (t == trans)
           // our llCreateKeyValue transaction is done
           integer result = (integer)llGetSubString(value, 0, 0);
           if (result == 1)
               // the key-value pair was successfully created
               llSay(0, "New key-value pair was created");
               // the key-value pair was not created
               integer error = (integer)(llGetSubString(value, 2, -1));
               llSay(0, "Key-value failed to create: " + llGetExperienceErrorMessage(error));

Deep Notes

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function key llCreateKeyValue( string k, string v );