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Function: llEmail( string address, string subject, string message );

Sends an email to address with subject and message.

• string address
• string subject
• string message


The message is prefixed with information about the prim sending the email.

Template Example
Object-Name: *prim*
Region: *simname* (*simpos.x*, *simpos.y*)
Local-Position: (*primpos.x*, *primpos.y*, *primpos.z*)

Object-Name: Object
Region: Gibson (254976, 256000)
Local-Position: (117, 129, 50)

The real message starts here.


  • This function causes the script to sleep for 20.0 seconds.
  • There is a limit to the number of email messages an object can send in a given amount of time.
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string email = "";

        if(email == "")
            email = (string)llGetKey()+"@lsl.secondlife.com";

        //Send an email to a normal email account
        llEmail( email, "Look it's an email subject line!", "Testing 1 2 3" );

    touch_start( integer num_detected )
        //Send an email to the person who touched the prim
        llEmail( email, "No touching!", "I was defiled by: " + llDetectedName(0)+"\nKey: "+(string)llDetectedKey(0) );

Useful Snippets

email( string time, string address, string subj, string message, integer num_left )
    if(llGetSubString(address, -19, -1) == "@lsl.secondlife.com")//trim the header
        message = llDeleteSubString(message, 0, llSubStringIndex(message, "\n\n") + 1);


  • Because of the long delay on this function, it is often called from a second script triggered by link message.
  • If you are sending email within Second Life, remember that the address is [key]@lsl.secondlife.com
    • Which means if the key returned by llGetKey is "a2e76fcd-9360-4f6d-a924-000000000003", then its email address is "a2e76fcd-9360-4f6d-a924-000000000003@lsl.secondlife.com".

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  • llEmail


function void llEmail( string address, string subject, string message );

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