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Function: llFleeFrom( vector position, float distance, list options );

Directs a character to keep a specific distance from a specific position in the region or adjacent regions.

• vector position position in region coordinates from which to flee.
• float distance Distance in meters to flee from position.
• list options No options available at this time.


  • Must use llCreateCharacter or script won't compile.
  • The position to flee from must be near the nav mesh; otherwise, this behavior will fail and trigger path update with PU_FAILURE_INVALID_GOAL.
  • If you want to avoid an agent or object as per the example below, it's much more elegant and less sim resource intensive to use llEvade instead.
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vector last_touched_pos;
key last_touched_key;
        llCreateCharacter([CHARACTER_DESIRED_SPEED, 50.0]);
    touch_start(integer total_number)
	last_touched_key = llDetectedKey(0);
	last_touched_pos = llDetectedPos(0);
	llFleeFrom(last_touched_pos, 10, []);
	vector last_touched_pos_now = llList2Vector(llGetObjectDetails(last_touched_key, [OBJECT_POS]), 0);
	if ( llVecDist(last_touched_pos, last_touched_pos_now) > 1 )
	    last_touched_pos = last_touched_pos_now;
	    llFleeFrom(last_touched_pos, 10, []);


The position vector can be set outside the current region by using extended range region coordinates: e.g., to avoid the SE corner of the region to the East of the current one, you could
llFleeFrom(<0.0, 512.0, 0.0>, 20.0, []);

Deep Notes


Date of Release 31/07/2012

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function void llFleeFrom( vector position, float distance, list options );