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Function: llForceMouselook( integer mouselook );

Sets if a sitting avatar should be forced into mouselook when they sit on this prim.

• integer mouselook boolean, if TRUE when an avatar sits on the prim, the avatar will be forced into mouselook mode. FALSE is the default setting and will undo a previously set TRUE or do nothing.

A sit target is not necessary for this function to work.


  • This function has no effect on avatars already seated.
  • The user may exit mouselook mode at any time.
  • There is nothing stopping someone from modifying or making a client that ignores this.
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Force Mouselook on Sit <lsl>default {

       llForceMouselook(TRUE); // Forces sitting avatars into mouselook.
       llForceMouselook(FALSE); // Reverts the setting to the default...
                                // ...as with a newly created prim.

Deep Notes

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•  llForceMouseLook Test


function void llForceMouselook( integer mouselook );