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Function: integer llGetAgentInfo( key id );

Returns an integer bitfield containing the agent information about id.

• key id avatar UUID that is in the same region
Constant Val Returned if agent...
AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN 0x1000 has running ("Always Run") enabled, or is using tap-tap-hold
AGENT_ATTACHMENTS 0x0002 has attachments
AGENT_AWAY 0x0040 is in "away" mode
AGENT_BUSY 0x0800 is in "busy" mode
AGENT_CROUCHING 0x0400 is crouching
AGENT_FLYING 0x0001 is flying or hovering
AGENT_IN_AIR 0x0100 is in the air (jumping, flying or falling)
AGENT_MOUSELOOK 0x0008 is in mouselook
AGENT_ON_OBJECT 0x0020 is sitting on an object
AGENT_SCRIPTED 0x0004 has scripted attachments
AGENT_SITTING 0x0010 is sitting
AGENT_TYPING 0x0200 is typing
AGENT_WALKING 0x0080 is walking, running or crouch walking


Important Issues

~ All Issues ~ Search JIRA for related Bugs
   llGetAgentInfo() returns unreliable info after a sim border crossing


<lsl> default {

   touch_start(integer buf)
       buf = llGetAgentInfo(llDetectedKey(0));
       string out;
       if(buf & AGENT_FLYING)
           out += "The agent is flying.\n";
           out += "The agent is not flying.\n";
       if(buf & AGENT_ATTACHMENTS)
           if(buf & AGENT_SCRIPTED)
               out += "The agent has scripted attachments.\n";
               out += "The agent's attachments are unscripted.\n";
           out += "The agent does not have attachments.\n";
       if(buf & AGENT_MOUSELOOK)
           out += "the agent is in mouselook.";
           out += "the agent is in normal camera mode.";
       llWhisper(0, out);

} </lsl>

How to build a script whit GetAgentInfo and sensor

<lsl> //The stair sound script. Make a sculpted oe prim stair make sound when an avatar go up on down on It. //MathieuBC Noel scripter and freebie maker. Don't erase that part when you use this script key id  ;

default {

    collision_start(integer total_number)   //It's write colision start to notofy the computer that       
                                            //the next command line are going to work when the        
                                            //object detect an colision.
        if (AGENT)                          //The computer star to read the command line when It's 
                                            //an avatar colide on this.
          llGetAgentInfo( id );             //Agent key is get by the object.
          llCollisionFilter("", id, TRUE);  //You have an colision only whit an agant whit the key                  
                                            //taken by the object.
          llSensorRepeat( "", id, AGENT, 3, PI,.7 ); //The sensor is sctivate each .7 second 
              state off ;                    //If It's not an AGENT colision the computer must use     
                                             //the state off command line well below in the script 
              collision_end(integer total_number) 
          llSensorRemove();                    //When the object did not detect an colision, the 
                                               //sensor is remove 
            sensor(integer  total_number)       //This is the sensor action when It's activate whit 
                                                //the above command line in the begin of this sheet.
        if(AGENT_WALKING)                       //If the sensor detect in his radius an Agent 
                                                //walking and running please dothe command line 
           llPlaySound("steps_on_wooden_stairs", 1.0);  //Play the sound name I put in the 
                                                        //inventory object. You can also copy and   
                                                        //past the UUID of the soung between the two 
                                                        //" .
       else                                             //Otherwise (else), if the agent do nothing 
                                                        //read orther command line.
            llStopSound();                              //Stop sound
          land_collision_start(vector pos)              //If the object have an land colision follow 
                                                        //the lines below.

{ llStopSound();

       llSensorRemove();                                //Remove the repeat sensor.


      state off                                         //This is the state off apear in the beginig  
                                                        //of the script.                                   


   llStopSound();                                       //Stop sound                  
   llCollisionFilter("", id, FALSE);                    //Stop the filtering of collision identity   
                                                        //and UIID detection to choose to have and  
                                                        //colision whit It. 

state default ; //Retun to the begening of the script




This is not a good way of testing if an avatar is in the region, use llGetAgentSize instead.

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All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   llGetAgentInfo() returns unreliable info after a sim border crossing


•  llGetAgentInfo_Test


function integer llGetAgentInfo( key id );