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Function: string llGetAgentLanguage( key avatar );

Returns a string that is the language code of the preferred interface language of the user avatar.

• key avatar avatar UUID that is in the same region
Return Description
"en" English
"da" Dansk (Danish)
"de" Deutsch (German)
"es" Español (Spanish)
"fr" Français (French)
"it" Italiano (Italian)
"hu" Magyar (Hungarian)
"nl" Nederlands (Dutch)
"pl" Polski (Polish)
"pt" Portugués (Portuguese)
"ru" Русский (Russian)
"tr" Türkçe (Turkish)
"uk" Українська (Ukrainian)
"zh" 中文 (简体) (Chinese)
"ja" 日本語 (Japanese)
"ko" 한국어 (Korean)


  • If the user has "Share language with objects" disabled then this function returns an empty string.
  • Users may prefer to see the client interface in a language that is not their native language, and some may prefer to use objects in the native language of the creator, or dislike low-quality translations. Consider providing a manual language override when it is appropriate.
  • New language/variant values may be added later. Scripts may need to be prepared for unexpected values.
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<lsl>default {

   state_entry() {
   touch_start(integer n) {
       integer i;
       for(i=0;i<n;i++) {
           string name=llDetectedName(i);
           string lang=llGetAgentLanguage(llDetectedKey(i));
           if(lang=="") lang="en-us"; // Default to English.
           if(lang=="en-us") {
               llSay(0,"Hi there, "+name+"!");
           }else if(lang=="es") {
               llSay(0,"¡Hola, "+name+"!");
           }else if(lang=="fr") {
               llSay(0,"Salut, "+name+" !");
           }else if(lang=="ja") {
               llSay(0,"やあ、 "+name+"!");
           }else if(lang=="de") {
               llSay(0,"Hallo, "+name+"!");
           }else if(lang=="pt") {
               llSay(0,"Olá!, "+name+"!");
           }else if(lang=="ko") {
               llSay(0,"안녕하세요, "+name+"!");
           }else if(lang=="zh") {
               llSay(0,"你好啊, "+name+"!");



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function string llGetAgentLanguage( key avatar );