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Function: string llGetAnimation( key id );

Returns a string that is the name of the currently playing locomotion animation for avatar id. See the table below.

• key id avatar UUID that is in the same region

llGetAgentInfo and llGetAnimationList provide more detailed information about the avatar state then this function does, it is recommended that you use them instead.

Value Description
"" During logout
"Falling Down"
"Hovering Down"
"Hovering Up"
"Jumping" While still in the air during a jump.
"Landing" When landing from a jump.
"PreJumping" At the beginning of a jump.
Value Description
"Init" At login and after teleports.
"Sitting" Sitting on an object.
"Sitting on Ground" Sitting on the terrain.
"Standing Up" After falling a great distance. Sometimes referred to as Hard Landing.
"Striding" When the avatar is stuck on the edge of an object or on top of another avatar.
"Soft Landing" After falling a small distance.
"Taking Off"
"Turning Left"
"Turning Right"


  • This function can return an empty string while the avatar is logging out.
  • New return values could conceivably be added at any time and this list may not in-fact be complete. Scripts should be written under the assumption that they may receive a value they won't recognize.
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See Also


•  llGetAgentInfo
•  llGetAnimationList

Deep Notes

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function string llGetAnimation( key id );