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Function: list llGetAttachedList( key avatar );

Returns a list of public attachments worn by an avatar.

• key avatar avatar UUID that is in the same region

By design HUD attachment keys are not reported by this function.

KBnote.png Note: Constants in italic require a viewer compatible with the Project Bento skeleton.
Constant # Name Comment
ATTACH_HEAD 2 Skull head
ATTACH_NOSE 17 Nose nose
ATTACH_MOUTH 11 Mouth mouth
ATTACH_FACE_TONGUE 52 Tongue tongue
ATTACH_CHIN 12 Chin chin
ATTACH_LEAR 13 Left Ear left ear
ATTACH_REAR 14 Right Ear right ear
ATTACH_FACE_LEAR 48 Alt Left Ear left ear (extended)
ATTACH_FACE_REAR 49 Alt Right Ear right ear (extended)
ATTACH_LEYE 15 Left Eye left eye
ATTACH_REYE 16 Right Eye right eye
ATTACH_FACE_LEYE 50 Alt Left Eye left eye (extended)
ATTACH_FACE_REYE 51 Alt Right Eye right eye (extended)
ATTACH_NECK 39 Neck neck
ATTACH_LSHOULDER 3 Left Shoulder left shoulder
ATTACH_RSHOULDER 4 Right Shoulder right shoulder
ATTACH_LUARM 20 L Upper Arm left upper arm
ATTACH_RUARM 18 R Upper Arm right upper arm
ATTACH_LLARM 21 L Lower Arm left lower arm
ATTACH_RLARM 19 R Lower Arm right lower arm
ATTACH_LHAND 5 Left Hand left hand
ATTACH_RHAND 6 Right Hand right hand
ATTACH_LHAND_RING1 41 Left Ring Finger left ring finger
ATTACH_RHAND_RING1 42 Right Ring Finger right ring finger
ATTACH_LWING 45 Left Wing left wing
ATTACH_RWING 46 Right Wing right wing
ATTACH_CHEST 1 Chest chest/sternum
ATTACH_LEFT_PEC 29 Left Pec left pectoral
ATTACH_RIGHT_PEC 30 Right Pec right pectoral
ATTACH_BELLY 28 Stomach belly/stomach/tummy
ATTACH_BACK 9 Spine back
ATTACH_TAIL_BASE 43 Tail Base tail base
ATTACH_TAIL_TIP 44 Tail Tip tail tip
ATTACH_AVATAR_CENTER 40 Avatar Center avatar center/root
ATTACH_PELVIS 10 Pelvis pelvis
ATTACH_GROIN 53 Groin groin
ATTACH_LHIP 25 Left Hip left hip
ATTACH_RHIP 22 Right Hip right hip
ATTACH_LULEG 26 L Upper Leg left upper leg
ATTACH_RULEG 23 R Upper Leg right upper leg
ATTACH_RLLEG 24 R Lower Leg right lower leg
ATTACH_LLLEG 27 L Lower Leg left lower leg
ATTACH_LFOOT 7 Left Foot left foot
ATTACH_RFOOT 8 Right Foot right foot
ATTACH_HIND_LFOOT 54 Left Hind Foot left hind foot
ATTACH_HIND_RFOOT 55 Right Hind Foot right hind foot


// Touch to list all attachments
    touch_start(integer total_number)
        list AttachedNames;
        list AttachedUUIDs = llGetAttachedList(llDetectedKey(0));
        integer i;
        while (i < llGetListLength(AttachedUUIDs) )
            list temp = llGetObjectDetails(llList2Key(AttachedUUIDs,i),[OBJECT_NAME]);
            AttachedNames += [llList2String(temp,0)];
        llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL,"\n" + llDumpList2String(AttachedNames,"\n"));

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• 20/Dec/08 SVC-3560 llQueryAvatarAttachments Suggested
• 30/Apr/13 BUG-2467 llGetAttachedList Suggested
• 14/Jul/15 BUG-9683 llGetAttachedList Suggested again

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function list llGetAttachedList( key avatar );