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Function: integer llGetInventoryPermMask( string item, integer mask );

Returns an integer bitfield that is the requested permission mask for the inventory item

• string item an item in the inventory of the prim this script is in
• integer mask MASK_* flag
Category Description
MASK_BASE 0 The base permissions.
MASK_OWNER 1 Current owner permissions.
MASK_GROUP 2 Active group permissions.
MASK_EVERYONE 3 Permissions everyone has.
MASK_NEXT 4 Permissions the next owner will have.
Permissions Value Description
PERM_ALL 0x7FFFFFFF Move/Modify/Copy/Transfer permissions
PERM_COPY 0x00008000 Copy permission
PERM_MODIFY 0x00004000 Modify permission
PERM_MOVE 0x00080000 Move permission
PERM_TRANSFER 0x00002000 Transfer permission


  • If item is missing from the prim's inventory then an error is shouted on DEBUG_CHANNEL.
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<lsl>// Complain unless this script is Open/ Yes Mod/ Yes Copy/ Yes Transfer.

warnIfClosed() {



See Also


•  llGetObjectPermMask
•  llGetInventoryName Returns the inventory item's name
•  llGetInventoryType Tests to see if an inventory item exists and returns its type
•  llGetInventoryNumber Returns the number of items of a specific type in inventory
•  llGetInventoryKey Returns the inventory item's UUID (if full perm)
•  llGetInventoryCreator Returns the inventory item's creator


•  hex

Deep Notes

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•  llGetInventoryPermMask Test


function integer llGetInventoryPermMask( string item, integer mask );