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Function: key llGetOwner( );

Returns a key that is the owner of the script

IMPORTANT NOTE: If an object is transferred to a new owner and the script not reset, llGetOwner() will continue to return the value of the PREVIOUS owner rather than the new one (this has been reported as a bug in the JIRA system). This can be overcome by resetting the script, but this requires either a manual reset (which is cumbersome) or using an llResetScript() function upon rezzing. Since it is inefficient and in many cases undesirable to reset a script every time an item is rezzed, the following simple one-line workaround is preferrable:

changed(integer change){if (change & CHANGED_OWNER){llResetScript();


Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


function key llGetOwner();

This event checks to see if the owner has changed and if such is the case, resets the script one time.

|spec |caveats |constants |examples=<lsl>default {

       llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(),"Only you can hear me. Isn't that eerie.");
   changed(integer change){if (change & CHANGED_OWNER){llResetScript();}}

}</lsl> |helpers |also_functions= |-style="vertical-align:top;" | style="color:gray;" |•  | llGetCreator | style="color:gray;" | | | |-style="vertical-align:top;" | style="color:gray;" |•  | llGetOwnerKey | style="color:gray;" | | | |-style="vertical-align:top;" | style="color:gray;" |•  | llDetectedOwner | style="color:gray;" | | | |also_tests |also_events |also_articles |notes |cat1=Owner |cat2=Object |cat3=Key |cat4 }}