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Function: key llGetOwner( );

Returns a key that is the current owner of the script.


  • When the owner of an object changes, code that depends on this function's return value will not automatically update for the new owner or be automatically re-evaluated.
    • This requires the reregistration of listens and requesting of permissions from the new owner as needed.
      • This is not limited to listens and permissions but anything that caches the return value, it is up to the programmer to work around this limitation.
    • Detection of owner change can be achieved with the changed event in conjunction with the CHANGED_OWNER flag (see the first example) or by storing the old value and periodically (e.g. in on_rez) checking if it has changed. Both techniques are valid though the latter will not detect the sale of the object if it is sold with "sell original" in-world and not picked up.
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<lsl>default {

       llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), "Only you can hear me. Isn't that eerie.");
   changed(integer change)
       if (change & CHANGED_OWNER)

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function key llGetOwner();