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Function: rotation llGetRootRotation( );

Returns a rotation that is the region rotation of the root prim of the object.


  • Returns an accurate facing for Avatars seated or in mouselook, but only a rough direction otherwise when called from an attached prim.
  • This function incorrectly (but usefully) returns the avatars region rotation when called in an attachment, use the following instead:
    <lsl> //-- if called only from the root


//-- if called from in a linked object

llList2Rot( llGetLinkPrimitiveParams( LINK_ROOT, [PRIM_ROT_LOCAL] ), 0 )

//-- this alternative works correctly in all scenarios

llList2Rot( llGetLinkPrimitiveParams( !!llGetLinkNumber(), [PRIM_ROT_LOCAL] ), 0 )</lsl>

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Simple example to set region rotation of child prim in unattached link set <lsl> default {

   //Rotate 45 degrees about Y-axis
   rotation globalRot = llEuler2Rot(<0.0, 45.0, 0.0> * DEG_TO_RAD);
   llSetLocalRot(globalRot / llGetRootRotation());




In an attached object, returns region rotation of avatar NOT of the object's root prim. See special cases of rotation.

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function rotation llGetRootRotation();