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|cat3=Script Profiler
|cat3=Script Profiler
|history = Date of Release  [[ Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/11# | 17/06/2011 ]]

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Function: integer llGetSPMaxMemory( );

Returns the integer of the most bytes used while LlScriptProfiler was last active.


This function's behavior is dependent upon the VM the script is using. Mono is the new VM, LSO is the old VM. The big difference between between Mono and LSO is that Mono scripts run faster and can utilize four times more memory.


During and after a LlScriptProfiler profiling run, llGetSPMaxMemory will return the most memory used during profiling.


This function has no effect for scripts not compiled to Mono. It will always return 16384, the fixed LSO memory size.


See Also

Deep Notes


Date of Release 17/06/2011

Search JIRA for related Issues


function integer llGetSPMaxMemory();