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|p1_type=string|p1_name=dst|p1_desc=destination of insertion
|p1_type=string|p1_name=dst|p1_desc=destination of insertion

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Function: string llInsertString( string dst, integer pos, string src );

Returns a string dst with src inserted starting at pos.

• string dst destination of insertion
• integer pos position index for insert, first is 0
• string src source string to be inserted

position does not support negative indexes.


  • If position is out of bounds the script continues to execute without an error message.
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llInsertString("input", 2, "put out")// returns "input output"

See Also


•  llDeleteSubString
•  llGetSubString


•  Examples: str_replace Replace all instances of a string with another string in a target string
•  Examples: SplitLine Insert 'new line' escape codes at certain positions of a string

Deep Notes

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function string llInsertString( string dst, integer pos, string src );