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(This function transforms the data, there is no expectation of modification, so the caveat isn't needed, though it is on other string and list function articles. I've been meaning to make a template.)
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|return_text=of comma separated values taken in order from '''src'''.
|return_text=of comma separated values taken in order from '''src'''.
|caveats=Remember to capture the result of the operation with a variable, unless you are planning to act directly on the results.

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Function: string llList2CSV( list src );

Returns a string of comma separated values taken in order from src.

• list src

More precisely the values are separated with a comma and a space (", ").

This function's functionality is equivalent to llDumpList2String(src, ", ");

Do not confuse this function with the CSV format, it is not the CSV format. To reverse the process use llCSV2List.


<lsl>default {

       list my_list = [1, 2.0, "a string", llGetPos(), llGetRot(), llGetOwner()];

See Also


•  llCSV2List
•  llDumpList2String
•  llParseString2List
•  llParseStringKeepNulls


•  Typecast

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


function string llList2CSV( list src );