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Function: llLoadURL( key avatar_id, string message, string url );

Shows dialog to avatar avatar_id offering to load web page at url with message.
If user clicks yes, launches the page in their web browser, starting the browser if required.

• key avatar_id
• string message
• string url

The url is truncated to 255 characters and message is truncated to 254 characters. Introduced in version 1.6, this function was disabled for group deeded items. As of version ~1.9, the function was enabled for group deeded items. In the server upgrade released on 2007-03-14, it appears that the function is again disabled for group deeded items (please change it back!).


  • This function causes the script to sleep for 10.0 seconds.
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// Display URL Dialog
    touch_start(integer num_detected)
        key gAvatarKey = llDetectedKey(0);
        llLoadURL(gAvatarKey, "View the offical Second Life website.", "http://www.secondlife.com");

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function void llLoadURL( key avatar_id, string message, string url );