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Function: llOwnerSay( string msg );

Says msg to the owner only.

• string msg


  • If msg is longer than 1023 bytes, it will be truncated to 1023 bytes.
  • Silently fails if msg is empty, even if the owner is in the region the object is in (bug ?).
  • Silently fails ~45 seconds after the owner leaves the region the object is in.
  • Silently fails when the object to which the script is attached is deeded to a group.
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<lsl>default {

   touch_start(integer total_number)
       llOwnerSay("Ouch!" );

Useful Snippets

<lsl> //-- llOwnerSay extension for preventing silent failures

//-- paste this code at the top of the script and replace
//--  any calls to llOwnerSay below it with uOwnerSayPlus

uOwnerSayPlus( string vStrMsg ){ key owner = llGetOwner(); if (llKey2Name( owner )){ llOwnerSay( vStrMsg ); //-- single owner that the region still has a handle for }else if (llList2Key( llGetObjectDetails( llGetKey(), [OBJECT_GROUP] ), 0 ) == owner){ llWhisper( 0, "/me : " +vStrMsg ); //-- group owned, must send the message publicly }else{ llInstantMessage( owner, vStrMsg ); //-- single owner, not present, send them an IM } }</lsl>

See Also


•  llRegionSay Sends chat region wide
•  llWhisper Sends chat limited to 10 meters
•  llSay Sends chat limited to 20 meters
•  llShout Sends chat limited to 100 meters
•  llInstantMessage


•  Limits SL limits and constrictions

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


• llOwnerSay Test


function void llOwnerSay( string msg );