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Function: list llParseString2List( string src, list separators, list spacers );

Returns a list that is src broken into a list, discarding separators, keeping spacers, discards any null values generated.

• string src source string
• list separators separators to be discarded
• list spacers spacers to be kept

separators and spacers must be lists of strings, maximum of 8 each.


  • To avoid contradiction, every string of the spacers list of strings to keep must not exist in the separators list of strings to discard.
  • Every element in the list will be a string, no matter what you think it should be. Cast the results of llList2String to get what you want.
    • integer my_int = (integer)llList2String(my_list, i);
  • llList2String is used here, as llList2Integer can only handle integers in simple notation, ie. will not handle hexadecimal integers.
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        // This will say:
        // <A><crazy><fox><.><Saw><the><moon><.><.>
        string my_string = "A crazy fox.  Saw the moon..";
        list my_list = llParseString2List(my_string,[" "],["."]);
        llOwnerSay("<" + llDumpList2String(my_list,"><") + ">");
        // This will say:
        //  <A><crazy><fox><.><><><Saw><the><moon><.><><.><>
        my_list = llParseStringKeepNulls(my_string,[" "],["."]);
        llOwnerSay("<" + llDumpList2String(my_list,"><") + ">");

Useful Snippets

•  ParseString2List Functions the same as llParseString2List and llParseStringKeepNulls but without limitations.

Deep Notes

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function list llParseString2List( string src, list separators, list spacers );