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Function: llRegionSayTo( key target, integer channel, string msg );

Says the text supplied in string msg on channel supplied in integer channel to the object or avatar specified by target

• key target group, avatar or prim UUID that is in the same region
• integer channel
• string msg


  • Text is spoken directly to the object or avatar within the same region as the script.
  • Scripts in tasks other than target can not listen for and receive these text messages, with an exception for attachments as described below.
  • Text can be a maximum of 1024 bytes. This can convey 1024 ASCII-7 characters, or 512 UTF-8 characters such as á
  • A prim cannot hear itself, to prevent problems with recursion.
  • Sending text on DEBUG_CHANNEL is not supported
  • Text sent to an avatar's ID on channel zero will be sent to the receiver's viewer.
  • Text sent to an avatar's ID on non-zero channels can be heard by any attachment on the avatar
  • A quick series of messages sent by llRegionSayTo cannot be relied on to arrive at their destination in the same order as sent.
  • Sending more than 100 messages in five minutes will produce a block; block is sim-wide and applies to all objects with the same owner. Block apparently only resets with a sim restart.
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    touch_start(integer num_detected)
        key id = llDetectedKey(0);
        // send a message to the chat window of the avatar touching
        llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "You touched this!");
        // send a message to the attachments of the avatar touching
        // example channel: -12345
        llRegionSayTo(id, -12345, "Hello there attachments!");


  • If one object 'says' something to another object (e.g., a button that, when touched, turns on a lamp), it is a good idea to use a very negative channel, e.g.,
    llRegionSayTo("55499a64-45c3-4b81-8880-8ffb5a7c251b", -5243212, "turn on");

Negative channels are popular for script communications because the standard Second Life client is unable to chat directly on those channels ("/-xxxx message" won't chat "message" on channel "-xxxx", it will chat "/-xxxx message" on channel zero).

  • Messages sent via LLRegionSayTo() seem to be blocked after 100 messages in a five minute period (see https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-5457). The block is sim-wide and applies to all objects belonging to the owner, so if a script triggers the throttle, all objects in the same sim belonging to the same owner will also be blocked. Throttle apparently only reset on a sim restart.

See Also


•  listen Receives chat


•  llListen Ask for listen events
•  llInstantMessage Sends chat to a specific avatar, inside our outside the current region.
•  llOwnerSay Sends chat to the owner only to avoid spamming the PUBLIC_CHANNEL
•  llRegionSay Sends chat region wide
•  llSay Sends chat limited to 20 meters
•  llShout Sends chat limited to 100 meters
•  llWhisper Sends chat limited to 10 meters


•  Hello Avatar

Deep Notes


Date of Release 26/04/2011

All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   llRegionSayTo() Fails to send messages to attachments on sitting avatars


function void llRegionSayTo( key target, integer channel, string msg );