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Function: key llRequestUsername( key id );

Requests the Username of the agent identified by id. When Username is available the dataserver event will be raised. The agent identified by id does not need to be in the same region or online at the time of the request.
Returns a key that is used to identify the dataserver event when it is raised.

• key id avatar UUID


  • If you merely wish to show avatar name information in the viewer window, it may be more straightforward to avoid a dataserver event and simply output: <lsl>llSay(0, "secondlife:///app/agent/" + (string)id + "/about");</lsl>
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<lsl>key owner_key; key owner_name_query; string owner_username;

default {

       owner_key = llGetOwner();
       owner_name_query = llRequestUsername(owner_key);
   dataserver(key queryid, string data)
       if ( owner_name_query == queryid )
           owner_display_name = data;
           llSay(0, "The username of the owner of this script : " + owner_username );

See Also


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•  llGetUsername

Deep Notes

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function key llRequestUsername( key id );