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{{LSL_Function/object|id|object or avatar|sim=*}}{{LSL_Function
{{LSL_Function/object|id|object or avatar|sim=*}}{{#vardefine:constants_nb|{{LSL Constants/Sensing|type}}}}{{LSL_Function
|sort=Sensor|func=llSensor|constants={{LSL Constants/Sensing|type}}
|p1_type=string|p1_name=name|p1_desc=Object or avatar name
|p1_type=string|p1_name=name|p1_desc=Object or avatar name

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Function: llSensor( string name, key id, integer type, float range, float arc );

Performs a single scan for name and id with type within range meters and arc radians of forward vector

• string name Object or avatar name
• key id
• integer type mask (AGENT, ACTIVE, PASSIVE, and/or SCRIPTED)
• float range range 0.0 to 96.0m
• float arc the max angle between the local x-axis of the prim and detectable objects, range 0.0 to PI

If name, id, and/or type are empty or 0, they are ignored.
If id is an invalid key or NULL_KEY it is treated as empty.


  • When searching for an avatar but not by name, it doesn't matter which AGENT flag is used.
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This sensor scans a 45 degree cone about the x-axis. <lsl>llSensor( "Gigs Taggart", NULL_KEY, AGENT, 96.0, PI/4 );</lsl>

PI/2 or PI_BY_TWO scans a hemisphere. PI is a spherical scan.

See Also


•  sensor Triggered when a sensor detects something
•  no_sensor Triggered when a sensor detects nothing


•  llSensorRepeat Runs a sensor on a timer
•  llSensorRemove Stops the llSensorRepeat timer


•  Object Type

Deep Notes

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function void llSensor( string name, key id, integer type, float range, float arc );