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Function: llSetForce( vector force, integer local );

Applies force to the object (if the script is physical)

• vector force directional force
• integer local boolean, if TRUE uses local axis, if FALSE uses region axis.

Continuous force. llApplyImpulse has instantaneous push.


Only works on physical objects and attachments (non-physical as well as physical). Used on an attachment, it will apply the force to the avatar.

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<lsl>//A simple rocket script. Launches object up when touched. //Sit on it for an interesting ride! default {

   touch_start(integer i)
       llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE);
       llSetForce(<0,0,0x7FFFFFFF>, 0);  //FLY!

See Also


•  llSetForceAndTorque
•  llSetTorque
•  llApplyImpulse Instantaneous force

Deep Notes

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function void llSetForce( vector force, integer local );