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{{LSL DefineRow||[[llGetRot]]|}}
{{LSL DefineRow||[[llGetRot]]|}}
{{LSL DefineRow||[[llSetLocalRot]]|}}
{{LSL DefineRow||[[llSetLocalRot]]|}}
{{LSL DefineRow||[[llTargetOmega]]|}}

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Function: llSetRot( rotation rot );

Sets the rotation of the prim to rot.

• rotation rot


  • This function causes the script to sleep for 0.2 seconds.
  • If the prim is attached, then this function offsets the rotation by the avatars rotation.
  • If the prim is not the root prim it is offset by the roots local rotation. The work-around is to divide the rotation by the root rotation.
    • If you are trying to set the rotation of a child prim relative to the root prim then divide the local rotation by the root rotation.
    • If you are trying to set the rotation of a child prim to a global rotation then you need to divide the global rotation by the root rotation twice.
    • It is better to use llSetLocalRot to set the rotation of child prims, even if you are setting it to a global rotation (just multiply by the root rotation in that case).
    • There is no easy way to get the roots local rotation of an attached object (other then being told by the root).
  • For small rotation changes, there is an update threshold depending on the time duration, between changes. It does not appear to be limited to the 6deg rule any longer.
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Drop this script in a prim to have it rotate in 1 degree increments <lsl> rotation rot_xyzq;

default {

       vector xyz_angles = <0,1.0,0>; // This is to define a 1 degree change
       vector angles_in_radians = xyz_angles*DEG_TO_RAD; // Change to Radians
       rot_xyzq = llEuler2Rot(angles_in_radians); // Change to a Rotation
   touch_start(integer s)
       llSetRot(llGetRot()*rot_xyzq); //Do the Rotation...



See Also


•  llGetRot
•  llSetLocalRot
•  llTargetOmega

Deep Notes

All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   llSetRot and llSetPrimitiveParams (using PRIM_ROTATION) incorrectly implemented for child prims.


function void llSetRot( rotation rot );